Three Bar Quarter Horses
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of Rexburg, Idaho
The Munns Family Stallions
​​Blue Valentine, Hancock, High Rolling Roany and Peppy San Badger Stallions.
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Three Bar Quarter Horses
Hancocks Blue Bird
Handmade Forever
"Blue Bird" is almost looked at as royalty around our place. He is such a gentleman, you can count on him coming and looking you up for some attention every time he sees you. He loves people and is one of the kindest, most respectful stallions we have ever been around. We rode him quite a bit as a 3 and 4 year old. He is very solid broke, a good traveler, and has plenty of cow. He can move his front end around with amazing ease and has a lot of stop for a big horse. He is a strong 16 hands and will weigh 1300#. Very heavy bone and foot that he tends to produce as well. He has crossed very well on our Driftwood bred mares.
2002 AQHA Blue Roan Stallion - Reg# 4198921
Blue Roan Quarter Horse Stallion Handmade Forever at Three Bar Quarter Horses and Munns Ranch
"Rimrock" is out of a double bred High Rolling Roany mare and we really like him as an individual. He isn't as tall asmost of our stallions. Just barely stands 15 hand, but will push 1300#. He is a very soggy made stallion with good bone and a nice round foot. "Rimrock" has such a nice disposition that he is impossible not to love. Very talented stallion with a big stop and lots of ability. Although he has plenty of talent, what makes him so special is his willingness to please. He never has a bad day and tries his heart out til the very end. We have used him on a variety of mares for several years now and we seem to like his colts no matter what type of mare we cross him on. We are riding some of them now and liking them better than ever. Great dispositions and lots of ability!!(click image above to read more information about him).
High Rolling Rimrock
2008 Bay Roan Stallion - Reg# 5146762
High Roan Mist Red Raon Quarter Horse Stallion at Three Bar Quarter Horses and Munns Ranch Pecos Little Peppy Own Son of Peppy San Badger at Three Bar Quarter Horses and Munns Ranch
Waldos Top Hand
LGJ Ima Windy Pine
Hancocks Happy Flyer
West 145
Wind in Boston
Nikki Pine
Drifts Chip
Miss Roxy Bar
Miss Boston Bell
Barry Pine
Drift's Jewel
Happy Hancock 18
Continental Fly
Red Roany Bear
Rainbow Sage
Cherub Tracy
Red Rim Rock
Things A Poppin
Rim Rocks A Poppin
Drifta Leo
Roan Prairie
Vanzi Reno Bar
High Rolling Roany
Jax Katty Peach
High Rolling Peach
High Rolling Roany
Rolling Sue
2009 AQHA Blue Roan Stallion - Reg# 5256310
"Handmade Forever" is a young stallion that we raised. He is sired by Handmade Hancock and is out of a Haythorn bred mare. He is a nice saddle horse that possesses many of the qualities that we are wanting to ride. He is an outstanding traveler with plenty of athletic ability and cow smarts. He is big hearted and will last all day. We are really excited about this young stallion. We crossed him on a set of our fanciest roan mares for a couple of years now, so we are very excited for the colts that cross is producing!! Very correct conformation and PRETTY. True blue roan coloring with an exceptionally keen, jet black head. He also has adequate bone and foot, good muscling, and a shapey hip. Long black mane and tail to add to the overall eye appeal. If we could raise them like this every time we would feel we had things figured out. Quiet disposition and very kind to be around. Fancy stallion with a big future.
Blue Valentine
Doll 01
Reds Cocoa Chip
Miss Sunni Holly
Leo Hancock Hayes
Handmade Hancock
Miss Sunny Cocoa
Drifts Chip
West 249
Figure Four Fritz
Miss Eddie Dolly
Miss Forever And A Day
Blackwood Twice
Driftin Forever
High Roan Mist
2005 AQHA Bay Roan Stallion - Reg# 4732112
"High Roan Mist" stands all of 16 hands and will weigh 1350#. Big and stout with plenty of size, bone, and foot. We are crossing him on some of our more refined mares and really liking the colts. They are big sturdy made colts, with the majority being roan in color. By a double bred son of High Rolling Roany and out of a High Rolling Roany bred mare as well.
Rolling Jax Copper
Watch Jo Reno
High Rolling Roany
High Rolling Copper
Stearns Bar Jo Jo
Roan Misty Blue
Misty Blue Bee
High Rolling Roany
Tyrees Miss Jo Jo
Stearns Bar King
Jax Copper King
High Rolling Roany
Vanzi Reno Bar
Roan Prairie
High Roan Mist Red Bay Roan Quarter Horse Stallion at Munns Ranch and Three Bar Quarter Horses
Royal bred stallion. Own son of Peppy San Badger and out of an own daughter of Doc Bar. Well broke, trained cutter, polite and kind. We have been using Pecos on all of our cow bred mares. He has produced lots of shapey colts with bald faces and stocking legs for us. Fair sized horse for the way he is bred. Stands 15 hands and will weigh 1200#. His colts can't help but be full of cow and ability.
Pecos Little Peppy
1993 AQHA Sorrel Stallion - Reg# 3260021
Peppy San Badger
Docs Mola
Mr San Peppy
Sugar Badger
Doc Bar
Sierra Joanie
Leo San
Peppy Belle
Grey Badger III
Sugar Townley
Lightning Bar
Dandy Doll
Joe Reed II
Snake River Hancock
2005 AQHA Grullo Roan Stallion - Reg# 4719008
Big thick made grullo roan stallion that we raised. He is out of a very pretty made Music Mount mare, and by a double bred Hancock stallion. He rides good, with lots of natural cow sense and is a really nice traveler. He is producing a thick bodied colt with a lot of eye appeal. We have rode a number of his colts and they are proving to be level headed, gentle type using horses that we feel will go on to fit the general public well.
Hancock Husky
Mellow Yellow Rose
Sandhill Music
Tontos Bart Maid
Whiskey Music
One Classy Lady
Hancox Happy Begger
West 301
Tontos Baby Jane
Music Mount
Lady Revenue
Imperial One
Flashy's Dollita
Hancox Happy Begger
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Blue Roan Valentine Stallions Three Bar Quarter Horses Home of Three Bar Quarter Horses and Keith Munns Ranch High Rolling Rimrock Red Roan Quarter Horse Stallion at Three Bar Quarter Horse and Munns Ranch Snake River Hancock Grullo Stallion at Three Bar Quarter Horses and Munns Ranch
One Famous Frenchman
2009 AQHA Buckskin Stallion - Reg# 5259130
We are excited to introduce "One Famous Frenchman" to our program. We are kinda shaking things up a bit and decided to add some modern day performance breeding to our traditional "older type" horses. We are excited to see what a little running blood added to our working horses might do for us. We are excited about the possibilities and feel that we might compliment both types of horses with the combination. One Famous Frenchman  had never been bred until we purchased him early in the spring of 2017. We have bred 10 or 12 of our own mares and a handful of outside mares as well this year (click image above to read more information about him).
Frenchmans Guy
Docs Jack Frost
Sun Frost
Prissy Cline
Laughing Boy
Casey's Ladylove
Frenchman's Lady
First Down Dash
Sudden Fame
Noble Pride
Ima Kirk
Dash Ta Fame
Sambo Lady
Valentine's Fame