Three Bar Quarter Horses
of Rexburg, Idaho
of Rexburg, Idaho
The Munns Family Horses for Sale
​Currently our focus is on our 2015 Production Sale, but we do sell horses private treaty throughout the year.
​Contact us with special requests, or check back to see horses posted here throughout the year.

​Some of the following horses are consigned to Horse Sales throughout the Region, and others will be sold private treaty here at the Ranch. ​We invite you to take a look at our current Inventory of Horses For Sale, and also see what we have sold in the past. You will get a good feel for the "type of horses" we try to handle by looking through this listing. We have chosen not to price each horse
​individually on the website as their prices may adjust according to their training as time passes.

Our saddle horses will all have extensive outside use. We like to get them out in the rocks and brush so they learn how to travel and
​think for themselves a little. We try to instill an all day kind of work ethic... and we find there is no better way than lots of wet saddle blankets. Their rope experience will vary, but most of them will have at least branded calves and doctored outside. Many of them
​will ​have had some arena roping as well. We expect all of our geldings to ride off alone with no hassle, open and shut a gate, go where you point them, be soft in the face and ribs, load, haul, hobble, bath, stand tied quietly, and have overall respectful manners. Every horse is going to have their strengths and weaknesses, but if you will call and visit with us about them we will sure let you know all the details. It is ​important to us that you find the right horse for your needs.

​​So give us a call and we'll help you in your search for "The Perfect Horse For You"!!!

Keith J. Munns
8279 S. 400 W.
Rexburg, ID 83440

c 208-351-3377
Becky Miller
​41 W. 8000 S.
Rexburg, ID 83440​

c 208-221-1090
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Three Bar Quarter Horses
Berty Boon
Daboys A Nu Chex
Northern Sport Model
Berty has been Becky's personal horse for the past several years. She has branded lots of calves on him, roped both ends in the arena, doctored cattle outside, and he is ALWAYS her first pick if there is any sorting to do. Very smart on a cow and has way more talent than the average ranch horse. He is an extremely easy mover and can really "drag it". True bridle horse, soft in the face, packs his head low, and absolutely rides one handed. Go anywhere you point him, and do it carefully. Smooth gaited with a fast walk. Catch him anywhere, hobble broke, great to be around, polite to shoe, load, etc. 15.1 and weigh 1200# with good bone and foot, straight and correct. A very nice horse!!! This kind is hard to find! Questions 208-221-1090 video available Trail competitor, Open Ranch competitor, Rope Horse Preview, Open Performance Preview
2004 Bay Gelding - AQHA #4512247
Solid ranch gelding that has seen a million miles of sagebrush and mountain country. Rides in a solid bridle, for anybody, and can do any ranch job. Breanna and Ty (7) have both used Wally extensively and get a long great. He is very smart in rough country and takes care of himself and rider in tough spots. A big pretty made horse. 15.2 and weigh 1300#. Keen head, shapey hip, good bone and foot. He is tough footed and we have used him a lot of miles barefoot. Would be a great confidence builder for a timid rider that needs a safe one! Questions 208-221-1090 Trail Competitor!! Open Performance Preview!!
2002 QH Grade Chestnut Gelding
Showstoppin Boon
Blue Shelia
Doc Olenas Showgirl
Red Bandana Two
Shelia Bert
Doc O'Lena
Smokes Showgirl
Bonnets Roan Bar
Binion Gal 253
Young Bert
Shelia Gold
Royal Blue Boon
Peppy San Badger
2005 Gray Gelding - AQHA #4780886
Fancy gray gelding. Stands 15 hands and weighs a strong 1300#. Keen headed, big heavy hip, and lots of bone and foot. Dapple gray color that catches everyone's attention. Chex is well broke, a good traveler, and gentle! He has been used on the ranch and has a lot of natural cow. Dan has roped on him both in the arena and outside as well. Lots of stop and can move his front end easily, especially for a stout made horse. Plenty of talent, and willingness to go make a top rope horse with minimal effort. He stands quietly to get on and always rides gentle. Go anywhere you point him... bridges, water, bogs, down timber, etc. Rides in any bridle. Sure footed and would make an ideal trail horse for a novice person. Questions 208-221-1090 Open Ranch Competitor, Trail Competitor, Rope Horse Preview, Open Performance Preview
Skips Counterpart
Spanish Maya
Tenders Request
Pie's Memory
Count Goldstring
Daboys Memory
Pies Dream Gal
Nu Chex To Cash
Sunglows Our Page
Watch Joe Move
War Bond Leota
Watch Zena Move
Pushin Too Hard
Watch Her Hard
2007 Sorrel Gelding - AQHA #4970356
Big pretty cherry red sorrel gelding. Extremely soggy bodied, stands 15 hands and weighs 1300# with lots of eye appeal. Good bone and foot, nice head, and very shapey hip. Sport has been used on the ranch and lots of miles in the mountains. Been calved on, branded calves, pulled the kids around in a sled this winter, trail rides, and a little feedlot use as well. Sport has also had some arena use and is well started heeling steers. A good traveler with a laid back disposition. For Questions call 208-221-1090 Trail Competitor, Open Ranch Competitor, Open Performance Preview
Sport Model
Royal Esther
Sport Model Ethan
Sport Model Mvp
Lady Sonita Flit
Sonita's Last
Flicka Sauce
Doc's Solano
Sir Lovealot
Go Diamond Girl
Boston Bea Brandy
Solitary Brandy
Diamond Doc Solano
Lizzies Docalot
"Duece" stands 16 hands and will weigh 1400#. Big fancy gelding with heavy muscle and a nice head. Classy as they come, but in a big package! Very easy going, laid back disposition, and very respectful. He has had a legitimate ranch job most of his life. Lots and lots of cattle roped outside. Becky has used him to brand calves, doctor, sort, and even roped a few in the arena. Breanna and Ty both ride him as well. He is safe and level headed. Perfect for a novice person that wants a trail horse that is hassle free and makes for an enjoyable day. We have taught him to get over to the fence, nearby stump, hay bale, etc. for easy mounting. He stands politely and waits for your cue before walking off. He will go anywhere you point him willingly, but pays attention to his terrain also. He has been used enough outside he is very sure footed and smart about rough country. Soft in the bridle and a big stopper! Moves off your legs with ease, takes his leads, and will lope a nice circle. Enjoyable to ride both in the arena or outside on the mountain. Good with his feet, stands quietly to saddle, polite to bridle. Kids can ride him, but he will also be dad's "go to" when there is a job to do. This is the kind that takes years to make, and don't come along very often. We will have more video available later this spring on Duece.
Silver Dollar Duece
2003 Sorrel Gelding - AQHA #4475586
Wyo Duece
Jessica Kilkenny
Tee Jay Three Bars
Gray Bee Jay
Old Man Silver
Bettys Sassy Belle
Jackie Bee
77's Barette
Gold Fingers
Silverdollar Queen
Shy Ole Man
Silver Mother
Jims Black Diamond
Ima Queen Belle
Cool Poco Freckles
2003  Sorrel Gelding - AQHA #4450278
"Cool" has been used extensively team roping. Has been hauled to USTRCA and Wrangler Ropings heeling, but heads as well. Stands 14.3 or 15 hands and weighs 1200#. Very good in the box, all business, and will work for a low number roper as well as a tougher roper. He has a real good handle, solid neck rein in any bridle or a string around his neck will work fine too. Soft in the mouth, moves off leg pressure, overall well broke. Gentleman to be around on the ground. Good to shoe, bath, saddle, bridle, etc. Gentle for about anyone. Has been ridden outside gathering cattle off the mountain and trail riding. Branded calves and sorted pairs as well. Would fit an inexperienced person to trail ride and help to keep them safe. Good walk and no hassle!
Poco Lena Pat
Sassy Taosena
Cool Little Lena
Miss Poco 027
Ute Bar Winky
Go Sassy Sugar
Doc O'Lena
Freckles Memory
Poco Silver Tina
Skipas Scat
Country Chex
Go Sugar Bar
Mia Buena Rocket
Poco Cuff
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Consigned to Salmon Select Sale
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​Consigned toSalmon Select Sale
Skips Stormy Country
2010 Buckskin Gelding - AQHA #5381124
Big handsome buckskin. Skip, stands 16 hands and will weigh 1300#. Kind hearted, likes people, and wants to please. Rides gentle. A real elegant mover. Smooth gaited with a soft lope. Been ridden in the arena and outside. Great foundation. Could go many directions. Color, conformation, and disposition too.
Skip Premiere
Classical Skipper
Something Classic
Dazzlin Country Lena
Skipa Star Sister
Country Lena Chex
Tonis Bar Hopper
Skip N Teeka
Skipa Star
Skip Sister
Alamitos Bar
Hank's Monique
Brought $7,250.00
Miss n Traveler
2004 Black Gelding - AQHA #4603351
Classy black gelding. Stands 15.2 and will weigh 1250#. Keen head, clean neck, and a lot of size. Good bone. Been used on the ranch and in the mountains. Very cowy. Uses his hind end correct with a big stop. Likes to really walk out and cover the country. Nice one hand neck rein, will ride in any bridle, soft in the face, and sensitive to your legs. Has branded calves and roped some in the arena and outside. Nice broke gelding that you can go get your job done on. Pretty, pretty, pretty!!
Dox Smart Traveler
Lass Sue A Hoc
Dox Smart Buy
Ad Hoc
Slims Lass Sue
Doc O' Lena
Miss N Cash
Smart Hickory
Chu Chu Machine
Slim Devil
Jag On Belle
Brought $16,500.00
One Gun Woody
2009 Palomino Gelding - AQHA #5453643
Brought $15,500.00
"Woody" is a family favorite and a Real Eye Catcher! Stands 15.1 and will weigh 1200#. Laid back disposition and likes attention. Rides gentle, soft in the face, moves off leg pressure, uses himself correctly, and reins over the neck with ease. Lots of natural ability. Packs his head down where it belongs and is 100% compliant all the time! Been used in the arena and on the ranch. Would make a ranch horse, rope horse, or the ideal trail horse. One the whole family can enjoy!
One Gun Shy
Woodys Lucy
Smart Chick Olena
Sailing Smart
Sailing Doll
One Gun
Missy One Gun
Otoe's Missy
Miss Poco Blackmagic
Baron Bar Scotty
Super Lucy Kay
Shadow Kay
Lenas Heavy Duty
Bar Socks Babe
Home of Three Bar Quarter Horses and Keith Munns Ranch
Pistol Hickory Prom
2007 Sorrel Gelding - AQHA #50120673
Brought $9,000.00
"Pistol" stands 15.3 and will weigh 1300#. Branded lots of calves, sorted pairs, roped both inside and out, ponied colts, penned in the feed yard, and been a million outside miles. Rides one handed, moves off your leg, respectful, and willing. Picks his way through the rocks, brush, and down timber. Will watch a cow with the best of them. Great traveler, rides gentle, and can cover a lot of country. Rides off alone with no fuss and will go anywhere you point him. Big sturdy made gelding that can hold up to a hard days work.
Little Pistol Badge
Young Gun
Freckles Playboy
Peppy San Badger
Hollywood Silk
Doc's Hickory
Benito Creep
Docs Rondo
Poco Tinky Prom
Little Peppy Holly
Poteet Prom
Poteeny Prom